Temperament Test Certified - September '94           PennHIP Evaluation at 46 Months*
OFA: Hips GS-38000G26M-T*     REF#801071-4158-0480
OFA: Elbows GS-EL3278-T*     DI: Right Hip: 0.29
OFA: Thyroid GS-TH1/M-T*            Left Hip: 0.21
OFA: Heart GS- CA1/23M/C-T*     (Median DI for GSD 0.36)
OFA: Patella GS-PA7/48/M-T*     Pancreatic Profile:*
CERF NO.: GS345/96-42 TL1, Fasting = 13.4 (Purdue)
VWD: Normal* TL1, Fasting = 15.2 (Vita-Tech)
Factor VIII (Hemophilla): Normal* Cobalamin, Fasting = normal range
Blood Type: DEA 1.1 Negative* Folate, Fasting = normal range
Carries Black Recessive 2 X Sel. Can. Champion
Does Not Carry Long Coat Factor 1995 Sel. Am. Champion
1997 Herding Instinct Certified DNA on File with American Kennel Club

*Identified by Microchip #1F274766D prior to test.



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