Unfortunately Feline Hip Dysplasia (FHD) is a fact of life in Maine Coons.
The following is a % breakdown of all MC whose x-rays were sent to the
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) for certification.

1996 the % of dysplastic MC was 24.8%
1997= 20%
The OFA ratings for Hip Dysplasia are Severe, Moderate, Boderline, Fair, Good, and
Excellent.  Hip Dysplasia is a poly genetic (recessive) trait although the  parents are
certified clear it is possible for them to produce a dysplastic offspring, however  the
chances are greatly reduced when you use clear parents.  Click on the link at the
bottom of this page and you can see x-rays of the different grades of dysplasia in
Maine Coon Cats.  It is important to note that Maine Coons are not the only breed
of cats affected by Feline Hip Dysplasia.

Here are the OFA numbers for the Maine Coons we have x-rayed and sent for

Name Number Rating
Harkleen's Camille MCC-247G32F GOOD
Harkleen's Wings of the Morning MCC-293G36F GOOD
Harkleen's Original Sin MCC-150G33F GOOD
Harkleen's Trick See MCC-297G32F GOOD
Ch. Hibou Briar Rose Of Harkleen MCC-298G87F GOOD
Ch. Hibou's Rambling Rose of Harkleen MCC-298G87F  GOOD
Pr.Harkleen's Sundance Kid Pre-lim  597890 GOOD
Harkleen's Belle Star Pre-lim  606664 GOOD
Ch. Harkleen's Cardinal Sin Pre-lim 586221 FAIR
Harkleen's Lacy Britches Pre-lim 723870 FAIR
Harkleen's Blonde....James Blonde Pre-lim 715558 GOOD
Gato Castello's Pajarita of Harkleen Pre-lim 661290 GOOD
Scotia's Buffalo Gal of Harkleen Pre-lim 715557 GOOD
Ruathahold Beldan of Harkleen Pre-lim 716769 EXCELLENT
Coberman's Elvira of Harkleen Pre-lim 723103 GOOD
Coonyham Solano of Harkleen Pre-lim 736779 GOOD
Harkleen's Jocko Thomas Pre-lim 736780 GOOD

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