Silver Patch Tabby with White
Harkleen's Alessi
Silver Patch Tabby with White Female
Pictured at 13 Weeks

Our love affair with Maine Coons began in 1992 when we acquired "Rosie"(Ch. Hibou Briar Rose of Harkleen) from Marg Baird who became our mentor. After showing Rosie for a year we began to undertake a breeding program with Marg's guidance "Rosie" won our hearts with the many charming and entertaining qualities for which the breed is so well known. Although she has been spayed for years and is now a great grandmother, "Rosie" is the top cat in the household.

Red Tabby Female

Harkleen's Lady Sarah
Red Tabby female
Pictured at Two Years Old

We enjoy showing our cats however we believe very strongly that the goal of a good, responsible breeding program does not end with beauty or show wins-but includes the health and longevity of the individuals concerned. Our breeding cats are x-rayed and cleared for Hip Dysplasia by OFA, checked for HCM by a certified cardiologist and checked clear of sublaxating patella. We also put great importance
on the temperament of the kittens and as a result they are born in the bedroom, handled daily and when old enough, run underfoot with supervision to ensure that they have a range of exposure to the daily events of an average family. We feel that this gives the kittens the optimum chance to make a speedy and relatively stress free adjustment to their new homes and families.

All kittens are seen by the vet three times for shots, and general health check up, and all kittens sold as pets are spayed or neutered before they go to their new homes-no sooner than 12weeks

.Brown Tabby Male
Premier Harkleen's Austin Cooper
Brown Tabby Male
Pictured at One Year

As breeders our responsibility to the breed is to maintain the integrity of the standard and not to forget the overall qualities of the Maine Coon as described in the CFA standard - "a solid, rugged cat with an essentially amiable disposition". The Maine Coon is a hardy, working cat possessing great charm and a strong desire for human companionship, factors which make it a very satisfying ,adaptable pet.

We share our home with these wonderful felines and we take the breeding of Maine Coons very seriously.

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